Sunday, September 25, 2016

City Scape Winery - Pelzer, South Carolina

If you want to take a drive off the beaten path and really get way out into the middle of nowhere in the country,  then this might be your winery destination. Stop, relax, and have fun while you get ready to sample a wealth of offerings at City Scape Winery.  The current owners, Josh and Deb Jones, bought the winery from Wayne and Anita Tamme last year.  The winery has been open for about eight years. Josh and Deb had been practicing wine making prior to buying the winery and were delighted to take over the business at City Scape when the opportunity arose. The location and setting is quite beautiful.  The tasting room is relaxing with a welcoming cozy feel. There are about two acres currently planted on the twelve-acre estate.  Carlos and Noble Muscadine vines can be found here in addition to some Black Spanish. They also source from other vineyards to help supplement their production.  All wines are made on site.   You'll get to  try a nice selection of wines from whites, to blushes, to reds, and yes....dessert!  The Pineapple Riesling is really special and will put smile on your face.  Their white Muscadines are a nice surprise. The Palmetto Gold white Muscadine has a little bit of a whisky taste to it!  You'll really like the Raspberry White Zin which has the expected raspberry notes.  Their red Muscadine wines are not harsh at all and pack lovely fruit flavors that make them quite pleasant.  The Carolina Nights is a mix of Blackberry, Merlot, and Noble.  Nothing is overpowering and it comes across as well balanced.  Their Dark Chocolate Red is a proprietary blend that pairs very well with dark chocolate.  They've also made a good light tasting Blackberry Merlot.  When you end off your tasting with the Coffee Delight (port style wines) you might want to be outside on the patio to relish the surrounding scenery.  These are some good quality wines to enjoy at a great price. The owners have plans for renovations and enhancements for the estate that include a bed and breakfast. It’s a super friendly place to sit, sip, and enjoy the pleasant county side of South Carolina. Stop by and sip a spell!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

V - 2015; Casa Madero; Valle de Parras, Mexico

Add this Rosé to your hot afternoon summertime treat list.  Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, this Rosé wine is quite aromatic.  On the nose, this wine greets with peach and melon aromas as you begin your tasting journey.  Next, your palate is met with a sweet and slight zing of subtle effervescence, which quickly dissipates to flavors of tart green apples and herbs. This is a semi-dry to crisp wine.  It is a fine testament to what Mexico has to offer in producing some great wines. Though you may not be very familiar with wines from Mexico, we welcome you to get acquainted with this one and this winery, which is one of the oldest in North America and in Mexico. Enjoy this one and relish what it means to be living well!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Aglianico – 2012; Duchman Family Winery; Driftwood, Texas

Oh man, yes this wine is that good!  Take that initial gaze into that vibrant ruby color.  Spiced berries, cigars, and floral notes will be there to great your first sip. After the first few sips, you’ll pick up flavors of cherry, strawberry, and elegant spices.  It has a light body at first, but really develops more moderate density after being opened.  It’s about medium acidity, so it should pair well with many fine foods.  With a nice structure and well-rounded feel, you’ll savor those lasting moments of a fantastic finish!  Yes, the pronunciation can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t deter you from trying this varietal or this wine. It is very aromatic and flavorful with sufficient body and soft tannins to satisfy those who love a good rich red wine. It is a worthy successor to the 2011 vintage. Enjoy well!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Six years and still going…

A month behind posting this, but there was a lot of good wine to drink and blog about. J  Somehow, our wine inventory has exploded over the last year.  But that just means more great wines to write about in the future!  As we look forward to another exciting year of sipping and blogging, we hope to feature some wonderful little known wineries from some unexpected locations.  It is always a treat to visit one of those small tucked away boutique places before others know about them, as well as, finding that hard to find bottle of wine at a small town store.  We’ll certainly have these plus many more surprise wines to feature for the next year to come.  Salute!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Barranca -2013; Kuhlman Cellars; Stonewall, Texas

Barranca, Barranca…turn to the left….turn to the right or straight up the vineyard valley.  Either way, you are steering in the direction of everlasting wine paradise.  First, that “popping” sound after just opening the bottle entices your senses for something new and exciting.  Like a child just discovering some fantastic candy, you can’t help but immediately smell the bottom of the cork to get a hint of what is to come.  Your wine Jedi training has disciplined you to let it breathe a bit before tasting because you know this will lead to some fantastic wine to taste!  Better yet, you probably will use a decanter.  This six blend red of 41% Petite Sirah, 36% Malbec, 14% Grenache, 5% Carignan, 2% Cinsault and 2% Mourvedre will definitely seduce you with some intense aromas.  Yes, the warm red color is seducing as you make that first pour.  Make note of sweet berries and licorice which initially greet you.  Nice, isn’t it?  Now take another sip to ensure your palate gets to catalogue all the wonderful flavors in the wine. Though mostly a middle mouth feel, it is full bodied with some dirty and leathery characters. The structure is quite nice and not too tannic.  Yes, the finish is long and very nice!  Pour another glass and linger over the dusty, mellow elegantness that is Barranca. Yes, a bottle you will cherish and love for eternity.  Enjoy well! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

San Pasqual Winery – La Mesa, California

This small boutique winery has been around since the 1970’s.  In 2009, Linda and Mike McWilliams became the new owners and have since established three tasting room locations in the San Diego area.  They focus on small batch hand crafted wines which concentrate a lot of love and hard work into some quality wine.  Grapes are sourced from area vineyards as well as California viticulture areas.  We visited the Seaport Village location which is a great downtown place along the bay to hang out, visit and enjoy sipping wine.  They have many great wines to choose from for your tasting.  For this visit, we tried a couple of the whites and reds, along with a fruit wine.  Their 2015 Chardonnay comes across as very clean and quite crisp.  A very good afternoon choice for a long hot summer day.  The 2015 Rose’ is made from Cabernet Franc. It’s not too dry or sweet and has some lovely candy apples notes toward the finish. The 2013 Malbec is quite opaque with strong tannins and a rich, earthy mouth puckering feel.  The 2013 Zinfandel has a little spice to complement the berry flavors with just a touch of cedar aroma.  Now the Passion Fruit Blanc is to die for!  Locally sourced, it’s very, very clear and light colored but packs a very luscious tropical flavor that’s quite addictive. Bring a wine suitcase, because you’ll be dreaming of throwing a Hawaiian party when you bring many of these Passion Fruit bottles back with you. This is a really great quality wine bar addition to the San Diego community. It fits right in with the lifestyle and the people. When in the area, stop by and get acquainted with their wines, you won’t be disappointed!  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

WA-4 NV; Location Wines; Washington

This particular location wine in the series is a blend of fruits from all over Washington State.  It’s primarily a Syrah blend with Merlot and Petite Syrah.  It’s best to let this wine breath for at least a good hour to bring out the best it has to offer.  It opens up nicely and the flavor profile reveals good dark fruit and ripe berries that are quite pronounced.  The wine is medium bodied and smooth, with a nice tannic structure that is not too heavy. The varietal blend seems well balanced and has a nice long lasting finish that is not too dry and has a little smokiness and hint of spice.  It’s a nice wine to compliment a variety of dishes and can easily be enjoyed by most earthy, drier red wine drinkers.  We found this one to be one of our favorite location wines thus far. Drink well and enjoy!