Thursday, July 2, 2015

Palette – 2010; Alamosa Wine Cellars; Bend, Texas

Introduce your taste buds to some fine Rhone style wines from Texas. This blend of Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache, and Cinsaut is what it’s all about in fine Texas wines.  From the color, to the aroma, to the taste, you will definitely have the full sensory experience with this red wine.  Upon the initial pour and first swirl you will enjoy the sensory aroma of this wine, noting nice deep earthy scents.  Take a few sips and you experience a smooth dry finish on your palate.  Good isn’t it?  You may also find some raspberry and cherry flavors presenting themselves while melding with light pepper. Take a few more sips and you’ll be thoroughly pleased with the smooth and balanced feel of this wine.  Now the only question left for you to ponder is what nice steak you’ll pair this one with when you decide to drink it. Enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wichita Sweet Red – NV; Wichita Falls Vineyards & Winery; Iowa Park, Texas

This award winning semi-sweet wine is a nice treat after a long day. It’s a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet, and Sangiovese with a deep purple hue. This lovely blend is a lighter bodied wine with both herbal and berry notes to it, with just a hint of spice on the finish.  Chilled, this wine makes a good warm afternoon treat, but not so sweet that you couldn’t enjoy it with a meal as well. It's a pleasant blend that is sure to please most palates so get a bottle and sip away!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Gracious Gift Cabernet Sauvignon – 2011; Oak Ridge Winery; Lodi, California

Now here’s an interesting twist on wine.  Wine for a good cause! Cindy Sebek created the Gift Wine Company to help fight hunger.  Partnering with Oak Ridge Winery, three wines were made for this good cause: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Old Vine Red.  For every bottle purchased, 10 pounds of food was donated to the food banks serving southwest Texas.   This help provided meals for many families in need.  This particular cabernet is a great one to try. The grapes are from the Lodi area of California, so you know your quality expectations have risen ten-fold!   It has a big berry aroma to help work up you sensory appetite. The flavors of rich dense fruit really permeate the palate initially followed by subtle peppery notes.  It has a good balance and finishes smooth and nice.  So, yes… it does taste really good.  Grill up your favorite meaty dish and throw in some freshly picked veggies for this one.  This is a wine to enjoy and savor while you delight in the fact that you are also supporting a great cause.  Feed the World and Enjoy!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Majek Vineyard & Winery – Schulenburg, Texas

Located out along the countryside of Schulenburg and Moravia, this winery is a good place to kick back and enjoy some wine, friends, and music, plus art.  This friendly establishment by Randy and Lynne Majek started out with vines planted in 2013. Lynne is a graduate of the Texas Tech Viticulture certificate program (2013) and has applied her new found expertise to the Texas grape growing industry.  This family land had once grown many different types of crops in the past and now Randy and Lynne are embarking on growing grapes on this rich fertile soil.  They have about 1.5 acres of Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish vines planted on the estate and hope to have their estate wines made from the 2015 harvest in the coming months. Randy is getting his expert training thru Tech’s enology certification program, as well.  They opened their tasting room in March of 2014. The folks at Texas Custom Wine Works have helped them out with their initial releases of Texas wines.  Currently, the Majek’s have nine wines to sniff and sip from along with their own unique large shot-like wine glass, which also look reminiscent of juice glasses.  There is both a dry and semi-sweet Blanc du Bois that are both quite nice, but the special treat is the Sparkling Blanc du Bois. It is a nice sparkling that's dry and quite refreshing.  Dry red wine lovers will be pleased with the Black Spanish (Lenoir) wine.  It has all that expected tastes and flavors of a good dry red wine.  Their port-style Lenoir can pack quite a punch in both flavor and aroma.  Sip this one lightly. The Cardinal’s Kiss is something you may not expect but don't miss it as you will love it.  It’s a mix of Riesling and Black Spanish that has turned out to be a delightfully sweet and unique combo. There is also a Tempranillo (dry & sweet) on the list, a sweet Orange Muscat and a dry rose (Cardinal’s Perch – Merlot/Tempranillo/Black Spanish blend) to try, as well.  While you’re enjoying the tasting room and your sipping, do take the time to check out the paintings on the walls from local artists.  You’ll enjoy the country friendly atmosphere and the views of this place from the tasting room that has a wall of large open windows that give just the right light and scenic backdrop.  Majek is now on the Texas Independence Wine Trail, too.  It’s good to see quality viticulture and enology owners at work as they add their mark to the Texas wine industry.  Enjoy and have fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Assyrtiko-Athiri – 2014; Domaine Sigalas Winery; Santorini, Greece

From one of the most beautiful Greek islands of the Aegean Sea, this white wine is a special treat from the old world.  Produced from 50+ year old vines, this Assyrtiko (75%) / Athiri (25%) blend is a great combination of two of Santorini island's grapes.  It is a dry white wine with ripe citrus and smoky aromas. This pale white wine is smooth with soft buttery notes and citrus fruit flavors that greet you followed by bold minerality and slight peppery notes on the finish. There is a very subtle effervescence and unique earthy notes characteristic of the Santorinian viticultural region.  Just imagine yourself sipping this wine with the lovely backdrop of a beautiful deep blue sea in the distance. This is simply a wonderful gem wine that you’ll want to keep and share with friends. It is a wonderful summer sipping wine on its own, but also pairs nicely with light and creamy cheeses, seafood, chicken and vegetarian dishes. If you haven't tried Greek wines yet, we encourage you to give this one a swirl, as it provides the opportunity to  see how lovely Greek whites are. Cheers or "στην υγειά σας!"

Friday, May 22, 2015

Blanc du Bois – NV; Pleasant Hill Winery; Brenham, Texas

This is nice semi-sweet white wine to help you ease into the warmer days ahead.  The nose on this one is aromatic with hints of pear, apricot and grapefruit that likewise dance across the tongue. The wine has a balanced acidity for a Blanc du Bois and appears to have a little higher alcohol content.  If you like semi-sweet Rieslings or Muscats, then you should enjoy this one.  Served chilled, this wine pairs nicely with spicy foods and vegetarian dishes.  This is a good one for enjoying with a meal on the patio with friends and loved ones.  Pop open a bottle and enjoy the wildflowers!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Merry Texmas – NV; Dancing Bee Winery; Rogers, Texas

This seasonal mead is a nice sweet treat that doesn’t necessarily require a holiday for you to uncork it to enjoy.  Made from cranberry, orange, and honey, you get the best of berry, citrus and rich honey favors all melded into one unique mead.  It has a nice floral scent that compliments its sweetness.  This one makes a nice treat after meals, or can be used for example over ice cream for a little extra kick to your regular vanilla treat.  Why?  Because you crave to do it!  Sip well, mead friends.