Monday, May 3, 2021

Angel Riesling – NV; Messina Hof Winery; Bryan, Texas

Late harvest Riesling packs a lot of flavors in every sip. This Texas blend of 75% Riesling, 15% Gewurztraminer, 5% Orange Muscat, 5% Blanc du Bois has a light sunny color and elegant floral aromas. There is some nectar on the nose as well harkening the senses to reminisce for springtime.  As a late harvest wine, you will discern rich fruit flavors of apples and pear.  This has just the right amount of sweetness that balances out the flavor profile.  Let the wine swirl in you mouth for a bit, and you will also sense a touch of melon followed by some honey.  This medium bodied Riesling has exceptionally light acidity and a clean mouthfeel after the first taste. Because you were that angel in your mother’s eye, bring on her favorite cheesecake for pairing and raise a glass or two to your mom and with her. A lovely wine for Mother’s Day. Cheers!

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