Friday, May 7, 2021

Blanc du Bois – 2018; Bent Oak Winery; Cedar Park, Texas

Blanc du Bois has been making some good strides in recent years as more winemakers begin to express the best qualities of this grape. But do not be fooled into thinking it must be super sweet. Sourced from Palacios Vineyards near the Brenham area, this bright golden colored white wine does tantalize with intense grapefruit on the nose.  As you sip along, you’ll pick up some zesty lemon peel on the back of the tongue. This is somewhat reminiscent of a Sauvignon Blanc with hints of citrus.  The wine has a rich mouthfeel to it along with bold acids and a clean crisp finish. Bent Oak has done a great job on making a dry-style wine from this hybrid varietal.  A great sipper for that May transition from spring into summer.  Cheers!

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